CSF DEVELOPMENT group specialized, since 1987, in the realization of Concept of nautical innovation in collaboration with Demix Group is developing the projects: BARTING and Concept Barting.

Since 2003, in collaboration with their partner the Aqualèo Company they have participated as exhibitors in several fairs, winning in 2017 the first prize of the electric nautical machinery at the Paris Boat Show. During this period they selected several manufacturers from various sectors in order to improve the technical performance of propulsion and electric motors, in order to develop and master the production of pneumatic enclosures.

They worked with energy developers to make interchangeable batteries specific to Bartings, as well as selected architects who will work with them on nautical development: steering position, steering technique, designation of protective tubes and dashboard, shape and suspension of seats. In 2018, they signed a partnership agreement for the joint development of a new generation propulsion mode adapted exclusively to Bartings.

Ambition: Bartings, because of its innovative properties and performance, is set to integrate into the jet-ski market and replace it in the long term.


The Barting is an innovative electric boating machine that:

  • Can accommodate one or two passengers
  • Meets all safety requirements
  • Is equipped with an electric motor
  • Is unsinkable
  • Fast, interactive, silent, ecological and economical

The Barting is equipped with a smart cell that includes a positioning unit and a shock alarm, a radio all on one impenetrable video screen. Barting electric batteries are interchangeable in the form of a rack clip, rechargeable ashore or on the boat.

Since October 2018 in collaboration with AIRBUS INDUSTRIE Group and the established research and development unit, they are now developing the first prototype equipped with this new technology. This new technology, which will be able to permanenetly equip Barting machines, uses the foil system with permanent stabilization calculation. It suggests the following performances and a specific machine profile:

  • Propeller propulsion
  • Water penetration by foil system with permanent stabilization calculation
  • A speed up to 80 km/h
  • An autonomy of 4 to 5 hours equipped with even a minimal engine (4.5/6 hp)
  • A weight of less than 90 kg
The most performing machine in the world in its category. 


The Barting Concept is a commercial center, focused on the practice of nautical leisure for the whole family, as close as possible to the building areas and whose central activity is the practice of “Nautical Karting”. A concept operating mainly indoors, can also be used in an outdoor version, this type of installation depends on the specific geographical, climatic and local conditions required for Concept, consisting of various commercial, sports and recreational activities, all articulated around a main activity: BARTING “ELECTRIC WATER INTERACTIVE SPEED KART”. 

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