Demix Group believes and supports new projects and new innovative activities with an international vocation. We therefore also pay great attention to financial management and to finding the funds needed to complete the budget necessary for their development.

In this context we collaborate with the most important public bodies and public/private organizations in this regard, including Unioncamere Lombardia and the Camera System in Italy and abroad, Promos Italia, NIBI, Innexta, Lombardy Region, Finlombardy, Eupolis Lombardia, the Ministry of Economic Development, the National Agency of Microcredit, the EUPF, the CCIE of Rosario and the CCIE of Chile and many others.

What do we use to support our projects?

We at Demix Group use different solutions at our disposal to facilitate the development of the projects we support.

PUBLIC FINANCE is the expression that is used for the topics of research and the use of financial resources by the public administration for the pursuit of its public interest objectives. It represents the processes by which public bodies and states manage monetary flows (collection, allocation and uses) over time.

CAMERALI VOUCHERS are small loans managed by the chamber system to support the implementation of business development projects, internationalization, digitalization, etc..

EUROPROGETTAZIONE indicates all the activities aimed at the design, drafting and presentation of projects to be developed, in response to a call issued in the framework of a European programme, projects consisting of the implementation of a specific programme of activities proposed by the proposers themselves. This programme of activities, in order to be eligible for funding, must be characterised as innovative, have a strong European interest, be in line with common policies, as well as with the rules of the programme and the call within which it is presented. In addition, it must be presented and implemented through a transnational partnership involving partners from different EU countries.

CROWDFUNDING is a collaborative process of a group of people who use their money in common to support the efforts of people and organizations. It’s a bottom-up microfinance practice that mobilizes people and resources. Collective funding can refer to initiatives of any kind, from aid for humanitarian tragedies to support for art and cultural heritage, participatory journalism, to innovative entrepreneurship and scientific research. Collective funding is often used to promote innovation and social change, breaking down traditional barriers to financial investment.

INVESTMENT FUNDS are a financial instrument that brings together the resources of small and large savers. The management of the funds is entrusted to an investment management company that offers the advantage of a professional investment service to all savers who otherwise, having a small capital or being deprived of the necessary skills, they couldn’t afford it.

VENTURE CAPITAL means the provision of risk capital by an investment fund to finance the start-up or growth of an activity in areas with high potential for development, innovation and attractiveness, even if the investment can often be risky.

Our services of financial management

Demix is also concerned about the medium-long term sustainability of the projects developed and therefore offers these financial instruments and professional support to support innovative Startups & Smes that we incubate and accelerate.

Public and private finance