It is a group of companies distributed on the Italian territory, united to realize personalized interventions of restructure and energetic requalification for the houses, single, terraced houses or condominiums. Through synergies between companies and professionals specialized in precise reference areas (building, plumbing, photovoltaic, roof and coat) offers a complete service with a single referent that will follow all the phases of the project aiming at improving energy efficiency and living comfort. 

 Riqualifica Milano’s Process:

  • Evaluate: the best solutions tailored to optimize the efficiency of your home so it is important to evaluate the performance, current characteristics and weaknesses of the home that are a fundamental phase of energy upgrading. Through an on-site inspection and careful analysis, the specialized Requalification staff will be able to provide a detailed and complete picture of the causes of dispersion and high consumption, reporting everything that can be improved;
  • Design: through the innovative software Requalification, the team of professionals will be able to indicate the results of each individual redevelopment proposed, showing certain and mathematical data. In this way you can evaluate how to improve your home, knowing in detail the costs and benefits: no surprise, if not to discover that energy efficiency can go hand in hand with design. We do not ask you to give up aesthetics: we develop with you the most effective solutions in full respect of your tastes and your style;
  • Realize: Get ready to get comfortable and enjoy the newly found comfort of your home at low consumption: that’s all you have to do. We will take care of the rest: we have chosen to offer you the turnkey formula, taking care of every stage of the implementation of energy requalification interventions freeing you from any bureaucratic burden. We coordinate the work team and give you the opportunity to refer to a single interlocutor, making it easier to be involved and follow each stage of the project.


Building: we identify the causes of energy loss and study the most effective responses, improving performance and design.

Installations: we design ad hoc systems able to meet every need of your home, for maximum comfort with minimum consumption.

Renewable energy: we allow you to produce all the energy you need while reducing expenses, with systems modelled on the characteristics of the house and the territory.

The services of  Riqualifica Milano: 

  • Makeover of covers; 
  • Insulation of the attic; 
  • Replacement of tiles or roof tiles; 
  • Removal Eternit; 
  • Remaking and realization of coats;
  • Doors and windows; 
  • Lighting with led lights; 
  • Plant engineering; 
  • Solar thermal panels; 
  • Radiant plants; 
  • Heat pumps; 
  • Accumulations; 
  • Photovoltaic systems; 
  • Upgrading of energy efficiency; 
  • Practices for tax deductions and much more.