pricing policies, marketing solutions and definition of rates on foreign markets

The purpose of the webinars is to inform and raise awareness on the numerous variables that can influence a correct pricing and positioning policy, also international, in order to allow participants to make future choices in relation to a more informed, structured and innovative promotion and marketing.


Course professor:

Eng. Fabio Manenti

Here's what you're going to learn

Innovate and internationalize today to win tomorrow

The importance of defining prices and rates on different targets

The criteria for guiding the pricing policy on the various markets

Considering the direct and indirect business costs in a correct quotation

International transport: Groupage and Incoterms

Full or differential cost method - The two methods compared

The sales network: direct, indirect or mixed?

Positioning in the distribution channels

Proximity marketing, Referral marketing, Buzz and Guerrilla marketing

Case studies to be discussed with the participants

Environmental and market factors: variables and risks not to be underestimated

Market price adoption criteria according to competitive logics

Skimming strategies and penetration strategies

Pricing policies and how to manage exchange rates

Opportunities to reduce costs and maximize sales

The barter and business networks

Cause Marketing / Social Marketing

Some public funding for innovation and internationalization

Case studies to be discussed with the participants



Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises with registered office registered in the Milan Monza Brianza Lodi Business Register or operational headquarters registered in the REA of the Milan Monza Brianza Lodi Chamber of Commerce.

In particular, the most suitable professional figures are: business owners, general managers, export managers, marketing managers, administrative managers, employees in the foreign office, marketing and accounting, collaborators involved in the development of innovation in the company.

These meetings are not intended for aspiring entrepreneurs or business consultants / freelancers.


The course is divided into two remote meetings (with the Gotowebinar platform) with continuous interaction between expert and participants, in a maximum number of 30.

Given the nature of the assistance, attendance at the 2nd meeting is allowed, preferably to those who participated in the 1st, subject to further availability of places.

To allow access to as many companies as possible, the participation of only one representative per company is allowed.


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