• Application G.A.T.E. (2014-2015); 
  • ERGON program
  • RAID Program – Supporting Network for Struggling Companies

Region Of Lombardy

  • Start-up call for EXPO; 
  • Application FRIM startup and restart; 
  • Application for the selection of projects for growth and consolidation of business networks;
  • Fashion and digital Ban (2015-2016); 
  • Application for research, innovation and contributions for patenting processes; 
  • Decree No. 7759
  • Lombardy NET Generation 2 Program

UnionCamere Lombardia

  • LET Project 
  • Lombardy Export Trade;
  • Passport to export;
  • Notice of internationalisation;
  • LombardyPoint

Chamber of Commerce Milano MonzaBrianza Lodi

  • Application credit facilities 2013; 
  • Digital call 2019
  • Specific Help Services

Chamber of Commerce Bergamo

  • Actions to support the internationalization of companies; 
  • Business development. 

National Agency for Microcredit

The National Agency for Microcredit is oriented to support initiatives aimed at fostering the development of micro-entrepreneurship and self-employment, as well as the fight against poverty and the financial inclusion of those social categories defined as “bankable” because of the lack or lack of collateral to be offered to the traditional banking system.
– Companies Microcredit

Italian Ministry of Economic Development

The state ministry of the Italian government which includes industrial policy, international trade, communications and energy. It was established in 2006, following the reorganization of the Ministry of Productive Activities (until 2001 Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Crafts)which was joined in 2008 by the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of International Trade.

– Voucher Innovation Manager; 
– Voucher 3i – Invest in Innovation;
– Patents+


European Commission

The European Commission is the executive body of the EU (similar to a government). It manages the EU’s budgets and policies, as well as proposing European standards. It is appointed by the Council and receives the approval of the European Parliament.
Erasmus+ is the EU’s program for education, training, youth and sport in Europe. With a budget of €14.7 billion, it will give over 4 million Europeans the opportunity to study, train, gain experience and volunteer abroad. Intended in principle to last until 2020, the Erasmus+ program offers opportunities not only for students.

– Erasmus+ KA203 Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education 
– Horizon 2020 SME Instrument

Promos Italia

It is the national agency of the Chamber of Commerce system that supports Italian companies in their internationalisation processes and assists institutions in the development of the local economy and the enhancement of the territory. Thanks to its qualified staff and direct presence in the territory, it is able to intercept the needs of Italian companies and guarantee concrete support for their commercial development on foreign markets, either directly or through a consolidated network of relationships.
– InfoExport