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The rapid evolution of international markets, the globalization of markets and the growth in the size of companies and corporate groups in both the production and tertiary sectors have had a profound impact over time on the structure and operational context of services. This evolution, once again derived from the Anglo-Saxon model, has also been extended in recent years to Italy and many other developed countries. The experience accumulated by our member companies and our professionals in their respective countries and territories together with the internal resource pool makes Demix Group the essential partner for your organization.

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Our Mission

Our goal is to improve the activities of our partners and customers, offering them new business opportunities, developing innovative strategies with them and supporting them in the exploration and penetration of new international markets, as well as in the reduction of management costs thanks to a joint organization of strategic activities and services such as distribution, logistics, marketing, communication, digitization, etc.

Our Vision

The key idea behind the “Demix Group” project involves the search for constant growth and development of new relationships and strategies necessary to meet the needs of our partners and customers. Our attention is focused on the realization of activities in an ethical way and attentive to the safeguard of the world in which we live, hence the choice to dedicate ourselves also to projects of marketing causes, international cooperation and in the field of the green-economy.


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Demix Group Testimonials

"Fabio Manenti was a student under my tutelage in Marketing at the University of San Diego. Fabio worked as an intern for my company, and provided over 120 hours of marketing, advertising and event related planning assistance. He assisted Catalyst in the planning of two major events, the Gateway Computer Proud to be an American Expo and the Mobil Old Town Fiesta Cinco de Mayo. These events provided Fabio with experience in event planning, sponsorship, co-branding and media. It is without hesitation, that I recommend Fabio for your firm. As a teacher, but moreover as an employer, I can say that he will have a significant impact for whatever company he works for."

Brian P. Hawkins
Vice-President Catalyst Cause Marketing Inc.

"It is with much enthusiasm that I write this letter of reference for Fabio Manenti. As an instructor at the University of California in San Diego, USA, I worked with Fabio as a student in my class in Effective Management Principles and Leadership Practices. Throughout the semester, Fabio displayed effective leadership qualities, serving as a team leader in various exercises, and working closely with students who were less experienced or confident in their abilities to complete certain tasks. His behaviors were those of a good role model, and inspired trust in his fellow students who came to rely on him for leadership and advice. I highly recommend Fabio for employment in an organization that is looking for bright, innovative, and contributing employees. As a leader, he will create an atmosphere of confidence and trust. As a team member, he will enhance the common good of the group."

Lois Hall
Instructor University of California San Diego (USA)

As the manager and student affairs officer of certificate programs for internationals, I would like to speak about Mr. Manenti's academic performance. Instructors have commented that he is a leader among a diverse group of peers. He influences all he interacts with to strive for deeper understanding of business concepts and to conscientiously build stronger working relationships. In my interactions with Fabio, I have observed that he is professional in every sense of the word. He is respectful, organized, knowledgeable, and personable.

Norma N. Murray
Manager University of California San Diego

"I am writing this letter to recommend Fabio Manenti for a position in an internationally related business. Fabio was a student in my Business English courses over the last ten weeks. These classes, Language Awareness, Business Reading and Communication for Global Business are intensive courses that meet a total of twenty one hours a week. Fabio had good communication skills, especially in a multicultural setting. He successfully and cooperatively worked with business people from Asia, Europe and Latin America, developing presentations, reporting on projects and negotiating deals. It was easy to sense his continual incorporation of new ideas, vocabulary and opinions. In addition, he was always curious and interested in the thoughts and opinions of those around him. I believe Fabio would be a great asset to any work environment. He is astute, energetic, patient, passionate and proficient in English. These combined qualities are hard to find."

Terri Massin
Instructor UC Berkeley (USA)

Fabio has successfully followed several courses not only in Business Management, Marketing, Finance and Accounting, but also foreign languages. Fabio has excellent level of proficiency both in written and oral English and in French, as attested by foreign Universities and Institutions. Mr Manenti has also proved to be hard working, reliable and ideal to work with, especially in multicultural settings

Ulisse Belotti
Facoltà di Economia, Università degli Studi di Bergamo

A person with an active and flexible intellect, Fabio has shown his tenacity and perseverance in studying to be able to overcome any difficulties he encounters and to be able to reconcile studying with interpersonal relationships, proving to be of great help in managing new students in Erasmus.

Mary Kelly Delgado
Vice-director Universidad de La Laguna (Spain)

Ingegner Manenti è stato selezionato e ha collaborato in alcuni incontri per operatori nell'ambito del Servizio di Assistenza alle imprese turistiche della Camera di Commercio di Milano, con particolare riferimento alle seguenti tematiche: Food&Beverage management; Sviluppo e gestione multicanalità; Travel Management; Hospitality Management; Web marketing turistico.

Sergio Enrico Rossi
Vice-segretario generale CCIAA Milano

Evidenzio con particolare merito il lavoro svolto per la preparazione della Tesi realizzata nell' ambito dell' Assicurazione Qualità presso le Fonderie Guido Glisenti S.p.A., apportando un grosso contributo innovativo all' Azienda, dove attualmente collabora come Assistente del Direttore Generale. Colgo, inoltre, l'occasione per ringraziarlo per la preziosa collaborazione prestata nei corsi di "Fonderia" e "Tecnologia generali dei materiali" da me coadiuvati e realizzati rispettivamente presso le Università di Bergamo e di Brescia nell' anno accademico 1999/2000.

Prof. Antonio Bugini
Rettore Università degli Studi di Bergamo

Con la qualifica di Direttore Generale ha supportato operativamente la start up nelle fasi di organizzazione, ricerca e sviluppo, gestione della prototipazione, produzione e logistica internazionale, supporto alla fase brevettuale, analisi di mercato e valutazione di nuovi progetti, attività e prodotti da sviluppare, consulenza marketing commerciale per come proporli adeguatamente sul mercato, comunicazione aziendale e multimediale, ricerca e richiesta di sovvenzioni pubbliche, oltre che di finanziamenti a tasso agevolato tramite alcuni istituti bancari e confidi, ricerca e valutazione di business angel e altri investitori privati che ne supportino la capitalizzazione, ecc... . Mi ha supportato nella domanda di accreditamento all'albo camerale delle start up innovative e nella predisposizione di business plan, di piani finanziari e tutta la documentazione al Bando Agevola Credito 2013, al Programma Linea 8 FRIM “Start up e Re- start", al Programma Start up per l'Expo al... Bando Moda e Digitale in collaborazione con la software lombarda Focus Informatica sas, che ha dato vita al nuovo progetto tecnologico "InnoWatch".

Candida Margherita Bresciani
CEO Goose's Egg srl

Fabio ha realizzato presso le Fonderie Guido Glisenti Spa un importante progetto di ricerca applicata nell'ambito dell'Assicurazione Qualità, permettendo all' Azienda di ottenere la certificazione dei propri processi produttivi, da parte dei suoi più importanti clienti, e di migliorare ulteriormente lo standard qualitativo dei medesimi.

Roberto Dalla Bona
Direttore di stabilimento Fonderie Guido Glisenti Spa

"Dr. Manenti has joined Matest with the new position of Export and Quality Manager. In addition to his support in our export sales and marketing department, he is taking in charge of the process to obtain UNI EN ISO 9001 Vision 2000 Quality Certification and to develop an improved managerial software for better served our customers and help our employees in their daily tasks. Fabio is expert in International Business, General Management, Sales, Marketing and Customer Service and his unique abilities and his knowledge of worldwide markets will enable us to contribute significantly towards ours and our Clients objectives."

Paola Maestroni
Marketing Manager Matest srl

Soddisfatti e contenti della professionalità, competenza e disponibilità offerteci fino ad ora dall'ing. Fabio Manenti, gli auguriamo di ottenere i migliori risultati professionali e personali sia con la nostra Azienda che nel proseguo della Sua carriera lavorativa.

Il suddetto stage verrà svolto presso una o più filiali del Gruppo Brembo situate negli Stati Uniti e nei paesi dell' America Latina, nell'ambito del programma di formazione previsto dal Master di Business Administration che verrà realizzato dall' Ing. Manenti in pieno accordo con la nostra Azienda, sicuri che ciò possa permettegli di migliorare in maniera importante la propria formazione professionale.

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