Given that we live and work in a global market and that the size of major international players is growing more and more, as a result of mergers and joint ventures between companies and groups from different countries, DEMIX GROUP has always tried to create strategic synergies between various companies, as well as international networks, precisely to counter this type of competition.

We believe that international cooperation between various entities and the sharing of know-how, resources and skills can give rise to innovative and competitive ideas and projects.

With what tools does networking work?

We of Demix Group use different solutions at our disposal to facilitate the development of the projects we support.

BUSINESS NETWORKS are contracts that allow participants to pool activities and resources to improve the business operation and consequently strengthen the competitiveness of the companies that are part of it; is a tool through which companies have the opportunity to achieve, through collaboration with other stakeholders, ambitious goals, such as the development of innovative solutions and the inclusion in international market areas that alone could not reach due to the small size of the company.

CLUSTERS and EEIGs (European Economic Interest Grouping) are a new form of transnational European cooperation and partnership enabling private and public institutions and bodies to carry out certain activities jointly for the purposes of for example, participation in European Union programmes or tenders. The EEIG arises from a legal contract in which several parties (members) from different European countries, join their forces in a flexible and effective way to achieve the objectives set.

NETWORK and INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION means the willingness of companies, companies and individuals to work together for a common interest of development and aggregation and aims to develop the link between research and the business world with the aim of encouraging the international opening of the regional innovation system (companies and research centres) to strengthen its presence abroad.

CO-MARKETING is an alliance of resources or expertise, generally of a temporary nature, by two or more companies with the aim of optimally exploiting complementary resources and capacities to increase the market potential of both, also in cause marketing or social marketing in collaboration with THIRD SECTOR organizations.

Our services of networking and international cooperation

To develop an innovative project and to internationalize you need to cooperate and collaborate with companies that have the same market targets and similar strategic objectives, obviously if you have the ambition to go beyond occasional sales.

Third sector and social marketing