Demix Group was founded as an international marketing agency, with the initial aim of promoting and selling the excellence of “Made in Italy” abroad. In recent years it has considered it appropriate to “digitalize” and consequently to integrate more and more in its strategic and traditional marketing services, also digital marketing solutions and tools, without forgetting the focus on sales, always of great interest to our customers.

In this context, we have also decided to develop Demix digital platforms, with the aim of promoting our products, services and brands and our customers.

How do we promote our projects?

Traditional marketing is the process of analysing, planning, implementing and monitoring product, price, promotion and communication decisions in order to create exchanges that enable the objectives of individuals and organisations to be achieved; is a branch of the economy that deals with the study and description of a reference market, and in general the analysis of the interaction of the market and of the users of an enterprise.

In modern markets, characterized by an increasing demand for differentiated and personalized products and services, the customer expresses expectations regarding quality, service and flexibility of the offer. This data implies the necessary transition from a Product-oriented marketing logic to a Customer-oriented one, in which the relationship with the Customer is at the center of the company’s decisions.

In recent years, the relational approach has become increasingly important in marketing, but only recently have digital tools become available that have made the management of the relationship cost-effective even for consumer markets. The shift of business objectives from the product to the customer, affects the marketing variables: the marketing objective is no longer the market share or sales volume but customer satisfaction, his trust and loyalty that result directly from the quality of relationships.

Our services of marketing & sales

Our goal is to support our partners and our customers to 360% in the study, evaluation, promotion and penetration of both national and international markets, with solutions and marketing strategies both traditional and digital, to optimise available resources and maximise results. If appropriate, we also design and develop cause projects and social marketing.

Strategic and operational marketing