the importance of the American distribution system as an outlet market for lifestyle products

Exports remained one of the few sources of growth for Italian companies. In a frozen home market, increasing revenue has become a zero-sum-game, where market shares can only be stolen from the competitor while the total sales remain the same. Compared to fashion countries like China, Brazil, India and Russia, the United States offers a stable political system, an impartial legal system, firm rules of law, low bureaucracy, developed infrastructure and services, impeccable logistics and an efficient public sector. Last but not least, the US is moving towards energy independence, a fact that will radically change, and for the better, the prospects of the American economy over the next few years. The typical sectors of our export are fashion, mechanics, electro-medical devices and design. Unfortunately, in a global market such as the current one in which multinationals from all over the world are sharing a large part of international trade, the investments necessary to compete with international competition are no longer compatible with the size of our companies. It is therefore necessary to adopt innovative and aggregative solutions between SMEs and joint ventures between Italian and foreign companies, which collaborate in order to create a product more suited to the reality in which it will be sold.


Course professor:

Eng. Fabio Manenti



  • Why internationalize
  • Analysis of opportunities abroad
  • Market research: Industry analysis

      1) Free trade agreements

  • Wto, historic agreement on commercial exchanges signed
  • North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
  • After the BRICS, the MIKT? The new emerging economies
  • Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agrement (CETA) – Free trade agreement UE – Canada
  • Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) – Free trade agreement UE – USA

      2) Environmental factors

  • EURO / DOLLAR EXCHANGE: the need for a readjustment of the euro exchange rate for Italian companies
  • Pricing and Exchange Rate
  • Pricing in case of devaluation ($ over €)
  • Pricing in conditions of inflation
  • How to protect yourself from inflation
  • Cash Management solutions
  • Transfer prices

      3) Delivering in the United States

  • FASHION and COSMETICS SECTORS: main US distribution channels
  • JEWELERY and GOLDSMITH SECTORS: main US distribution channels
  • FURNITURE SECTORS: main US distribution channels
  • TOURIST SECTOR: incoming and outgoing
  • New eating habits in the United States: home delivery of ready meals, ingredients for preparing meals, fresh produce, take-away, new trends and Kosher certifications
  • Future prospects for online sales
  • CYBER MALLS: the Shopping Center on the Internet
  • CATALOG STORES: sales through postal catalogs
  • LIFESTYLE STORES: an alternative showcase for Italian stylists who want to sell in New York
  • POP-UP STORES from New York to Miami: temporary stores with a strong impact on image and sales
  • Innovative methods to overcome the traditional merchandising schemes of large-scale distribution in America
  • Pay what you want: when the customer decides the price
  • Beacon marketing: the new opportunity for retailers in the United States
  • Exporting plant, equipment and machinery to the USA – how to minimize exposure to sales tax liabilities
  • Some tips to protect yourself from the American “sales tax”

North America Market: Case Studies


Entrepreneurs, Managing Director, Export Managers, Marketing Managers, Administrative Managers, employees of the foreign office, marketing and accounting.