Itinerant event conceived and sponsored by Demix Group in honor of Ermanno Olmi on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the victory in 1978 of the Palme d’Or at the 31st Cannes Film Festival in France of his cinematographic masterpiece “L’albero degli zoccoli”.

Tribute to Ermanno Olmi

 The exhibitions organized presented about forty scenes of his masterpiece, reproduced on canvas by the painter Silvia Leidi and taken both from the original version and from the revisited one. We have also organized several evenings in some of the host municipalities, among which we mention and thank Martinengo, Gorle and Grumello del Monte, during which we have narrated the story with theme music, clips from original films in Bergamo dialect, interviews from the time by Olmi himself and live recitations by some of our actors, all enlivened by the presence of some extras from the original film, who have told of their human and professional experience with the famous director, and masterfully presented by Professor Pagani.