Demix Group is happy to present a new film project in development: “ASTRID and the School of Astronauts”, in collaboration with Federica, Anita and an international partnership composed of Italian, Lithuanian, American and Indian companies and professionals highly specialized in the field of cartoon movies. Astrid is an albino girl astronaut who with her friends explores the universe to save it from space pirates… the impossible becomes possible thanks to self-determination and a great group of friends. Stay tuned and we’ll update you soon!

We present you Astrid!

Astrid is a 7 year old albino girl. She grew up in a little house by the sea which is far from the village. Her parents were astronauts, and one night when she was little, they disappeared and left her with the grandma. From that moment the grandma doesn’t want to hear about planets, space and silly things like that anymore. 

But in the village Astrid has not an easy life, some people noise she isn’t “normal”, she is an “albino” . But she just was born without melanin, and the noise makes her sad and she doesn’ want to go to the village anymore. Astrid doesn’t have many opportunities to play with other kids.

Astrid likes to stay up when the sun goes down and spend her free time with her telescope, staring at the stars which she can see clearly from her house. One day Astrid finds a backpack, shaped as a star. She is in love with it, but grandma doesn’t want her to have it, so she hides it on her balcony. The backpack lights up. Astrid doesn’t see it and, as usual, she goes to look in her telescope. But something comes right in front of her! 

Is a spaceship driven by Felis, the GALAXY School of Astronauts teacher.Astrid is shocked, she screams terrified! But Felis calms her down and Astrid trusts her.


Astrid will join Galaxy, the school of astronauts, to become an Explorer of the Universe.

But Astrid will discover soon, that there is something wrong in the space: Nebula, the school of space pirates. Red Dwarf, the director, is a real red dwarf from the deep space, and she is an absolute dictator. She trains space pirates and changes the mechanics of the planets, ‘cause once in the past, she was a bright and luminous protostar. But now she had her star evolution, and she became a Red Dwarf. The only way to go back to the perfect protostar she has to invert the physics universal laws. Astrid and her Galaxy school friends Nik, KAS and Small, will have to solve the puzzle Red Dwarf makes to ruin the universal laws. Astrid will get in contact with the fantastic dynamics of the universe, she will learn from her mistakes and she will lead the victory, in a team where nobody cares if she has no melanin in the skin.