DEMIC MUSIC is an innovative information technology platform of music services on Blockchain technology

Aimed at the deposit, creation, processing and shared production (sharing), with consequent promotion and marketing of musical works and audio files. It is addressed to Composers, Authors, Producers, Arrangers, Singers, Performers, Instrumentalists and Musicians of any kind and level (amateur, amateur and professional), as well as of any geographical origin.


Among the problems and new needs of those who create, produce and perform music are:

  • protecting the authorship/intellectual property of their works in a certain and secure way;
  • to obtain, quickly and with the desired selective criterion, sharing of the creative and realization process of the musical product; 
  • to commercialize the realized works in a simple and immediate way; 
  • to monitor the use of one’s own works on the net and to receive the right remunerations commensurate with one’s share of the copyright and related rights.


The Demix Music platform firstly allows the deposit of ideas, works or fragments of musical works (Audio, PDF or JPG) by means of time certification in Blockchain technology or similar to guarantee and protect the authorship of the work. Subsequently it offers services of creative sharing and realization (based on precise selective criteria established by users) in which all members of the platform can participate. The product thus obtained will be promoted by our web radio and marketed in our store with different distribution models, ensuring an economic return of use certain (Blockchain technology) and fair to authors and performers.


Demic Music makes it possible for the first time to anyone (with musical skills or not) to “make music” codifying a new paradigm of creativity, perfectly in line with today’s society that recognizes the culture of sharing as the new founding value of any artistic, cultural and intellectual expression and the use of digital solutions as the fastest and most efficient means of communication.


The DEMIC project was born from a market study carried out by Demix Group that led us to work on the development of an innovative platform that connects singers, musicians, listeners, producers and companies.


After some initial planning we realized the idea could be a winner! The platform leverages blockchain technology, but not only that, to protect artists’ copyrights and allow them to collaborate remotely, not only locally but also globally.

How? Simple. If you’re an artist and you need a new guitar arrangement for your song, you can post a shareable file on Demic and let other musicians work on your piece. Everything is tracked with the blockchain: who edits, how, when, and how.

During development, we realized that Demic went beyond sharing, it had already become a community where companies, producers and video makers can also join the game. Demic’s algorithm analyzes data and provides an advanced advertising tool for companies and producers, who can recruit, sign up, sell instruments and music equipment, reach the right listeners, and more…

To connect authors and musicians, we developed the Demic coin, a virtual credit system that allows listeners to follow their favorite artists and support them in their climb to success.


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