The legacy of passion for the animal and agricultural world passed down through generations has shaped our connection with Cascina Ghirlanda. For decades, our land has been cultivated with dedication, becoming a place where the roots of our family and the richness of the surrounding nature are intertwined.

Fruit of this tradition, the ”Società Agricola Pattarini SRLS” aims to turn passion into a lasting business. Founded by Simone Pattarini and Manuel Pattarini, who intend to evolve their land into a state-of-the-art equestrian and dog center.

Their primary goal is to redevelop the family land, expanding the existing riding arena and introducing a dog boarding facility. They wish to offer not only a place for riding enthusiasts and animal lovers, but also a multipurpose space for events and leisure .

The strategic location, on the outskirts of Milan, combined with recent affluence in the animal industry and limited local competition, provides us with fertile ground for success. Our young age is not a limitation, but a strength, supported by the experience accumulated from a young age through the careful guidance of our family.


In view of the imminent opening of our innovative company, we are already experiencing considerable interest and multiple inquiries. Our project involves the entry of two federal riding instructors, who, after reviewing and appreciating our project, will join us in establishing a riding school. Due to our prime location, the riding school will benefit from high demand, allowing it to operate for multiple hours a day, seven days a week.

Another significant request is for horse boarding, a service we already operate on a small scale with about 8 horses and intend to expand to about 35 stalls. Numerous people have approached us interested in the services we will offer, and many of them are enthusiastic about the project, expressing a desire to bring their horses to us. Especially popular is the horseback riding service, which offers the possibility of involving up to four people at once, both on weekends and weekdays.

Another highlight of our project is dog boarding, responding to the growing demand in an area with a high rate of dogs in the household. The enthusiasm generated by the announcement of our possible opening is evident, with many people already eager to book their next accommodation for their four-legged friends with us. The positive reception of this idea confirms the strong interest of the local community in our pet-friendly services.

Demix Group appreciating the new project of the Pattarini family decided to professionally support them in the start-up phase, from the opening of the company to the planning of the business project,

including the creation of an initial business plan, the evaluation of some useful financial solutions for the initial phase and the creation of the commercial marketing strategies, including the management of online and offline communication.

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