Arcadia is a system for quickly “fossilising” completely natural soils and organic materials (from 5 to 28 days depending on the application); to do this, the biological action of bacteria already present in the selected soil is exploited, which are fed ad hoc to obtain the desired effect without any consequences for the ecosystem of the treated soil.

It is possible to adjust the “hardness” of the soil to our liking, up to compressive strengths similar to and greater than those of concrete.

"Let's stop the deserts and replace cement with a natural product" 


  • Desert cap: Desertification causes devastation and famine for millions of people.
  • Natural buildings: with Arcadia we create natural houses, parks, works of art, oases, made of sand or soil
  • No more floods: we stop floods by naturally solidifying the soil in just two months
  • Natural roads: imagine a road by the sea, made of sand: same hardness as a real road and no impact on the environment… it’s a dream come true!
  • Think of your land: Arcadia can bio-build your land in a totally natural way, as it is totally harmless to nature and the ecosystem 
  • Colonization of planets: we will build on the Moon and Mars!


  • Stops the movement of deserts
  • Natural process
  • Low CO2 process
  • Can be used wherever there is land
  • Decreases seismic fluidification of soil
  • Stops flooding
  • Can build natural tiles, bricks
  • Will replace cement with a natural product
  • Can be used locally, with indigenous bacteria
  • Ideal for space applications


Arcadia has many other uses that we will mention briefly:

  • Improves the cultivation level of desert sands 
  • Improves spontaneous plant regrowth in deserts 
  • Creation of pitch pits above and below the desert sands 
  • Creation of 100% natural roads and paths by the sea 
  • Creation of 100% natural (made of stabilising sand): natural housing, natural parks, natural oasis in the desert, natural landscaping, natural works of art 
  • Stabilisation of loose soil to prevent flooding 
  • Stabilisation of infrastructure to prevent flooding 
  • Restoring dams in depth 
  • Reinforcing road pavements 
  • Deepening fortresses in oil wells 
  • Restoration of ancient works 
  • Helping to reduce CO2 by using less Portland cement.

We have a plan to replace plastic with Arcadia using wood or sand/earth waste. For example: we can start replacing waste bins in public parks, fibreglass boat structures, and so on. We can also create complex moulded sculptures that can be created by artists and designers and made with Arcadia. 

Arcadia is a process that, by exploiting bacteria, is the subject of an Arcadia Patent. Arcadia is a product that, when sprayed on soil or sand, fossilises the soil in a few months. It uses the same system as fossils, but instead of taking millions of years, in just two or three months the process is complete and the sand or soil hardens. We can obtain different types of hardness, from sand to marble. It can be used to prevent and stop desertification; in fact, the countries of Algeria, Morocco and China have already expressed their interest in cooperation for their deserts. Arcadia can also prevent the land from sloping in the event of flooding. 

The technology can be used for example to: 

  • Compact deserts and prevent their movement and advancement, with consequent and obvious benefits, both social and economic; 
  • Preventing landslides and landslips in deforested areas by injecting nutrients in the form of natural ‘roots’ that will become the same material as the soil, but hardened; 
  • Creating roads or buildings that are completely immersed in their natural surroundings, as they are made of the same material as the ground on which they stand: repairing traditional concrete fractures; 
  • Making objects to replace, for example, plastic; 
  • Bones and teeth: Arcadia is applicable to the welding of organic material.