Atena pursues two important objectives

To improve the biophysical well-being of man, the animal world and the plant world, in full respect and maintenance of the harmony of nature, as the highest expression of the quality of life;
Offer advanced solutions to technical problems thanks to a wise alliance with the natural energy resources of the environment.

Atena aims to establish itself as a market leader in the panorama of qualified companies in bioenergy.

Inovative Device

Pro Green is a device designed for the green and the plant world in general. Specifically programmed in order to make water bioavailable by plant systems, stabilizing their homeostasis, thus implementing bio-competitiveness and metabolic efficiency.

Four years of experimentation with CNR-Ispa document extraordinary results in the production of fruits, improved in physical, chemical, organoleptic characteristics and duration post-harvest, both in the vegetal expression of plants irrigated with water reorganized by Pro Green. This technology can be either purchased or obtained as an operating lease.

PRO GREEN 30 It is a multifunctional device dedicated to small extensions, with a range of action of 30 meters.

PRO GREEN 60 It is a multifunctional device dedicated to medium and large extensions, with a range of action of 60 meters.

PRO GREEN 100 It is a multifunctional device dedicated to large extensions, with a range of action of 100 meters.

THE Effects

Exploiting the dependence of the structure of the ions of the precipitated salts on the vibrational (electrodynamic) characteristics of the water, PRO GREEN is able to eliminate the problem of limescale, which no longer deposits in the pipes crossed by the water.

Limescale, present in the water in the form of ions, no longer aggregates forming calcite but is transformed into aragonite and the limescale deposits already present in irrigation systems dissolve over time. It also decreases the surface tension of the water, allowing a greater supply of mineral salts from the soil. Pro Green also decreases the bacterial load of the water by acting on the adhesion mechanisms of bacteria (different strains of Legionella, Pseudomonas, and other microbiological species such as Salmonella, Escherichia coli, Coliforms, Colifecals, etc.) and thus eliminating the biofilm from the pipes.

Excellent results are also obtained in the abatement of algal formations. Last but not least, an electrochemical process of oxidation-reduction of iron oxides takes place. The water pigmented by iron returns clear and crystalline. In the air, the electronic transferability of the coherent fraction of water in the form of vapor is implemented, producing a healthy increase of negative ionization. Consequently, the invigorating and energizing power of the environments is increased. Pro Green does not emit any electromagnetic radiation, does not introduce any chemical reagents into the water and has no direct influence on people, animals and plants. It is a CE certified device.

THE Benefits

  • Significantly improves plant growth and resistance to pests
  • It frees plants from calcareous incrustations
  • Eliminates the problem of iron
  • Reduces the microbiological load of water
  • Reduces pollution associated with water treatments
  • Quantized” water helps metabolic processes and the assimilation of mineral salts and trace elements
  • Reduces the interfering effect of anthropic electromagnetic radiation on biological processes
  • Allows considerable economic savings


Harvest: 4 consecutive years (2014-17) 24 cardboard boxes divided into 2 groups: 10 boxes contained fruit from plants irrigated with unquantized water and the remaining boxes contained fruit harvested from plants that had been given quantized water (approximately 400 kG).

Based on data provided by the producer involved in the field trial, all plants had been subjected to the same water regime (irrigation intervals and volumes). The field was not randomized but block-based, and fruit was harvested randomly within blocks by discarding edge plants.

Fruit was harvested 48 h before analysis and initiation of the frigorific storage trial, during which time fruit remained at 8°C and 75% RH.


From the preliminary trial done in 2013 and the more complete trials in 2014-15 with enough fruit to apply a statistical analysis to the data showing that there are significant differences between the two theses.

The % of fruits suffering quality deterioration is lower in the thesis treated with quantized water. No rot was detected during the preservation and shelf-life test.

It would be advisable that the study carried out on post-harvest fruit be accompanied by soil analysis and field surveys during the pre-harvest phase. The 2015 results showed that the benefits of irrigation with computerized water are more evident and long-lasting in postharvest when fruits are harvested with a hardness of 10N or more.