It is an alternative to university courses, which trains highly specialized technicians in strategic technological areas, thanks to the partnership with more than 2500 companies that every day together with JAC develop and transfer skills in the courses.

The Jobs Academy Foundation wants to encourage and accompany the growth of the individual, with their personality and their attitudes, which are put at the center of every educational and organizational choice. Thanks to the deep-rooted partnership with the world of work and the concept of the centrality of the person, the proposal of Job Academy is embodied in the slogan:


Eng. fabio manenti

founder and President of DEMIX GROUP He was responsible for the courses of International Marketing Management and Marketing, Sales & Export Management.

Eng. Manenti brought his international professional background, his working experience in both public and private sectors, his knowledge of world markets and of new innovative technologies, to support both the personal and professional growth of students and staff.


The course provides for the creation of a class group composed of students from 4 different countries, which in the two-year period face the 4 semesters in the four countries in turn, facing the lessons in English. The figure at the end of the course will have gained four international experiences, becoming an expert in marketing and international markets in order to increase exports of leading companies in the sector.  Business strategy, operational marketing and the structuring of a commercial plan become a combination of extraordinary ability to perform in a global market.


The course trains an expert in marketing in all fields, with a specialization in digital tools (web communication, social media and content marketing). Marketing, sales and export management and e-business sectors will be explored in depth, in order to acquire skills in B2B and B2C sales techniques, in CRM systems and customer management and in channels for the internationalization of the company.