Born in 2009, Dry Up is the specific system for the drying of damp walls from capillary rise, thought and produced following the research on water and electrical potentials carried out by Luigi. Known in the national production sector related to the world of restoration of historical facades, as well as the remedy of masonry pathologies, he has developed this natural system to rebalance the energy charges of environments.

Nowadays, Dry Up is promoted and implemented by a team of technicians qualified by a specific training that, work side by side with the sales representatives during the consulting phase, and support them with the analysis and diagnostics of the problems present in the wall, even if microscopic, thanks to sophisticated equipment. The control methodology, which includes very strict diagnostic analysis conducted according to UNI standards, is organized in such a way as to be able to follow the customer until the complete resolution of the problem of the building undergoing restoration. 

Dry Up: for a natural balance.


Dry Up is a technological device that was created after years of research with Italian universities and C.N.R. and that, using only natural energy, restores a balance in the electrical currents present in damp walls, restoring the ideal conditions for a natural and irreversible drying of the same. Technology recognized by I.S.C.R. (Superior Institute for Conservation and Restoration of Rome) and monitored by the same Institute in some dogsheds, Dry Up allows saying goodbye to rising damp in a non-invasive way, without electrical or masonry works of any kind. 

Dry Up creates well-being and offers safety by eliminating rising damp from the walls. Dry Up operates on the environments, protecting them from geopathic disturbances and from the negative influence of electromagnetic fields. It re-establishes a natural balance in the electrical charges present in the wall, releasing the electrophysical and electrochemical mechanisms that hold water inside the capillaries; gravity allows the water to return to the ground. 

Dry Up is programmed to be placed in buildings affected by the pathology and to act simultaneously on different floors. A single device can operate on a building with a ground floor area of up to 3,000 m². In order to definitively eliminate rising damp, it is first of all necessary to restore the energy and geopathic condition of the spaces affected by the pathology. This is possible through the phase harmonization of the geopathic and electromagnetic perturbations present. 


Dry Up technology works with only natural energy, which has always been present on our planet, and does not use electricity or batteries. It is effective only for the phenomenon of capillary rising damp. In all other cases, as listed above, it can offer a contribution but will not solve the problem. The device, programmed to be placed on the ground floor, acts on different physical and energetic planes. 


The sophisticated programming of Dry Up allows it to act simultaneously on the volumes of water present in the walls, reorganizing the coherence domains of the water itself. In this way, the device modifies at a substantial level the bioelectric field that had previously developed in an anomalous way. Consequently, there is a marked decrease in the surface tension of the water, a decrease that facilitates the descent of the liquid towards the ground by exploiting the force of gravity. 

The action of Dry Up allows to reach a unique result, through the only natural energies already present on our planet and in particular the electromagnetic field called Schumann stationary modes. Most of the water in the masonry is returned to the ground, while a small part evaporates through the surfaces, all in a totally natural way.  

For the phenomenon to be completed and concluded, it takes from 1 to 3 years. The variability of the time required is given by the amount of water present in the walls, the nature of the wall system, the internal and external climatic conditions, the geological nature of the ground, the presence of salts inside the walls and the energy situation of the site where the device is installed. 


Dry Up is suitable for operating on a building with a maximum ground floor area of 3,000 m². Dry Up mini, on the other hand, is the ideal solution for small rooms affected by rising damp, up to a maximum ground floor area of 80 m².  

Eliminate rising damp with only one ecological and certified device, with zero consumption, which does not require maintenance and electrical or masonry work to be installed? With Dry Up and Dry Up mini is possible. 


  1. Completely natural method that leads to a marked improvement in the health conditions of the site and the building
  2. No invasiveness: the walls are drained without any mechanical, chemical, electrical and masonry intervention
  3. Complete REVERSIBILITY of the system. In a few minutes you can remove the technology, restoring the pre-installation situation. Feature required by the rules on the restoration of historic buildings and constrained
  4. Perfect insertion in inhabited areas without causing any discomfort to people due to removals, moving furniture, etc.
  5. Drainage of the walls through the cavities, without having to remove them. 


  • Dimensions (including supports for wall mounting) in cm: 19 h x 9 w x 3.5 thickness 
  • Weight: about 350 grams
  • Need of electrical connection: NO

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