The Rubini X10 hail protection system has been designed and patented (European Patent No. 17172284.6) to protect fruit growers who grow fruit in rows against hail damage and other atmospheric agents. In addition, the system can be controlled quickly and easily via an app or text message as it is automated. If this were not enough, it would be possible to produce electricity by installing solar panels and thanks to this recover the cost of the plant in the medium to long term.


The structure is very simple and allows easy installation and can be adapted to the farmer’s needs. The support poles are made of galvanised iron to ensure long life and telescopic to adapt to the height requirements of the plants. Together with the extrudate they form the solid base structure for the rest of the components.

The warp-knitted net, which is of excellent quality, is inside a reel fixed above the extrudate. It is unrolled with the help of the outer arms. Different coloured nets can be used for the colouring of the fruit desired by the farmer.

Ballasts not only perform a support function for the basic structure, they are also water collectors. They are connected to each other by a pipe that has the function of drip irrigating the crops, which is a more efficient and less expensive method. We are also developing a method to maintain the temperature in case of frost by using the existing structure.

The whole system is remotely controllable thanks to the motor and the control unit controlled by the app. The motor is used to wind and unwind the protective net and control the irrigation system. The control box, on the other hand, allows communication between the motor and the app in order to facilitate the farmer and allow him to control the system wherever he is.