Both China and the European Union belong to the world’s largest economies, ranking first and third in the world economy respectively. Both have also played an important role in the world’s economic development. The EU is China’s fourth-largest investment economy. So far, the EU’s investment in China has reached more than US$90 billion, while introducing a variety of advanced technologies to China.

In 2017, Chinese-Dutch bilateral trade reached US$78.6 billion, a record high. Over 350,000 Chinese tourists visit the Netherlands each year, and currently about 10,000 Chinese students study in the Netherlands. The Hague Chinese Cultural Center, three Confucius Institutes and 13 Confucius Classrooms have been opened, which has effectively promoted Chinese-Dutch exchanges. 

PROBLEMS encountered

  1. Legal and Regulatory Issues: Many Chinese companies are unfamiliar with foreign legal requirements.
  2. Many companies face the problem of how to promote the company’s positive image to the international community. They also need help on how to better address public sentiment abroad to improve the international image and reputation of Chinese companies.
  3. Local cultural integration can be complicated.

OUR solution

Demix Group in collaboration with a number of high standing professionals from both China and Europe is helping to launch Connect Now in 2019, a new cultural business club that integrates high quality local membership services for Chinese and European entrepreneurs, investors and project partners. We provide end-to-end platform services including branding, legal and immigration consulting, project investment and project management. We aim to increase project success rate and strive to be an active spokesperson for Chinese and European culture. We focus on creating a fully integrated community of growth, openness, positivity and internationality.

Why us?

We connect Chinese culture with the European market. 
We are not only an information provider, but also an end-to-end solution provider.
We’re not just engaging customers and solution providers, we also have a dedicated team to manage your project.
We provide a members-only app to help you with your organic growth in this ecosystem community.

Connect now is located both in the Netherlands with a reputation as the “European Gateway” and in Italy “historical home” of Demix Group. We are experts in cross-border investments in China and Europe and publish information on this to help you. We understand your needs, configure European service partners for you and support the success of your project. Last but not least, we offer you legal and financial assistance, manage your projects and provide other support services where needed.

Eng. Fabio Manenti is also launching a new international training and three-year degree program in International Business Management, which he will manage in collaboration with European universities and institutes, including the Fondazione JobsAcademy in Italy, the NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, the Atlantica University in Portugal, the Istitut Escola del Treball de Lleidae the Istitut de Vic in Spain and other partners currently being evaluated. The program will aim to prepare future internationalization professionals, who could also be useful for the development of the OBOR initiative.

What services do we offer?

Consulting Services

  • European advice on culture and life: we know the local culture well and we know everything about life, work, study, language, food, life and art abroad. We offer you tailored proposals for your European activities, investments, immigration and other aspects.
  • Family property management advice: we provide you with a professional family property management plan to help you effectively manage your funds and property in Europe for living, working, spending, taxing, etc.
  • European welfare advice: we provide professional advice to help you get more benefits in the Netherlands and Italy. The Dutch and Italian social security systems are very comprehensive and offer many social benefits to citizens. Choosing to stay in the Netherlands, which is the world’s leading high welfare state, or in Italy, which is among the most touristy, popular and admired countries in the world, is the best choice.

Company Management

  • Market Research: Connect Now is based in the Netherlands and Italy. We have local business experts and entrepreneurs to help you conduct your market research.
  • Company Registration: We offer professional advice on Dutch and Italian company registration, hiring staff, consulting on tax systems and related laws and regulations.
  • Legal, financial and tax advice: Connect Now has professionals who can help you with questions related to financial, legal, investment, import and export issues. Our member support teams provide general services for the development of your business.
  • Branding: Connect Now has partnered with the famous French advertising brand BETC to provide clients with an international brand to meet their needs. BETC was founded in Paris, France in 1995 and is well known throughout the advertising industry for its creative and iconic activities led by co-founder Remi Babinet. 
  • Project engagement: Engagement with investors and business partners.
  • Business and Leisure Travel Planning: Business travel and life experience services in Europe require not only professional travel management experience, but also extensive industry experience from all sectors. Connect Now and Slow-Time EU, the EU-recognized Chinese legal and travel agency, offers you business investigation and in-depth life experience. In this way, we provide our members with business and cultural travel.

Project Management

  • Import and Export: Connect Now has partnered with import and export experts representing the Netherlands Enterprise Office (RVO) to implement a 100% free export coaching program designed for member companies to effectively mitigate risk and help you develop business plans to expand your business overseas.

  • Distribution channel management: to provide multiple distribution channels, professional consultants share their expertise for your development and export activities. They also help you conduct market or product research, find agents, distributors or customers. 

Value Added Services

Connect Now works closely with Waldorf Astoria to offer exclusive benefits to Connect Now members. Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam combines impeccable service with timeless elegance for an unforgettable experience. At the same time, we offer members a high-quality office location and commercial office buying and investing channels, multi-level services to meet diverse needs.

Strategic and operational marketing