The main services offered by Demix Multisolutions are: 

  • Selection of local enterprises potentially of promotional and commercial interest; 
  • Sending of documentation provided by the applicant to the selected undertakings;
  • Telephone follow-up to find interest in the offer submitted; 
  • Final report on the results obtained; 
  • Preparation and organization of meetings with both economic partners and reported operators, with specialized consulting support; 
  • Support to the company and evaluation of the possibilities of positioning on the market; 
  • Research of market;
  • Support to orientation and knowledge of the market of interest;
  • Monitoring and coordination of the services offered by our clients;
  • Examination of the results obtained;
  • Definition of actions and strategies to enter new markets;
  • Online and offline advertising and communication;
  • Planning of development plans;
  • Specific support interventions to be evaluated with our customers.

Our customers rely on our market solutions in these main areas:

  • Benchmarking;
  • State of the business;
  • Assortment of products and development of the line;
  • Planning of the distribution;
  • Solutions for the consumer;
  • Optimization of prices;
  • Opportunities for growth;
  • Strategic planning and positioning;
  • Customer Satisfaction;
  • Investigations on organizational well-being;
  • Analysis of the competitors;
  • Research on distribution methods;
  • Test area;
  • Research on positioning;
  • Concept test;
  • Investigations of corporate communication:
  • Product test;
  • Pack test;
  • Investigations on the brand image;
  • Social research.


The research methodology and the type of sample are structured by us to maximize the effectiveness of the survey. Telephone interviews are conducted with the CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) methodology, and online interviews with the CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing) methodology. The results are then presented and delivered to the customer in a booklet that includes, in addition to the detail of the analyses conducted, the results achieved and in-depth analysis, also our strategic considerations and marketing suggestions.