The Association aims to be a meeting point between public voluntary bodies and private local, European and extra-community who share the same objectives, namely:

  • To contribute to the progress of immigrant citizens and all those of Italian origin who have emigrated to all parts of the world, to their social growth and to the improvement of their skills and resources;
  • To protect and spread the historical memory of Italian emigrants, in Italy and in the world;
  • To promote exchanges and cultural relations in the academic and business fields with Italian emigrants around the world, promoting relations with private and public entities, both at home and abroad;
  • Promote training and aggregation programs for the new generations of Italians abroad by spreading the Italian language and culture, the engine of Italianism in the world;
  • To organize refresher and professional training courses, scholarships and study trips in Italy and abroad, seminars and publications on the history, traditions and economic, industrial and handicraft reality of emigrant and immigrant citizens; 
  • Promote projects to improve the socio-economic conditions of young Italians abroad through the initiation of processes and strategies for the development of human resources and as part of an entrepreneurial process of small and medium-sized enterprises to support the internationalization of businesses and the creation of new businesses, service cooperatives and organizations;
  • Support people with disabilities who are immigrants or Italians who have emigrated to economically disadvantaged Third World countries;
  • Promote tourism of the Italian territory in the world, particularly in countries where there is a large presence of Italian emigrants;
  • Promote research and development projects in the field of clean and alternative energy to improve intelligent life; 
  • Legal, social security, fiscal, contractual and organizational consulting to support individuals and companies.


  • City World Association second level based in Milan to open a professional agency that provides services and consulting support to all member associations and that dialogues with local institutions for the definition and implementation of joint initiatives for the benefit of the community. 
  • MAIE Italian Association Movement Abroad : we signed an agreement on 17/01/2017 with the CCIE – Italian Chamber of Commerce of Rosario (Argentina), recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and part of Assocamerestero, to carry out joint actions to promote innovation and internationalization of Italian companies abroad and foreign companies in Italy. 
  • Municipalidad de Rosario (Argentina) for the development of the project El Parque Tecnològico Italia, for the creation of the Ciudad Universitaria and a showroom of design and technological products “made in Italy” in Punta del Este (Uruguay). 


  • Alps Platform is a digital platform created with the aim of protecting mountains and the environment in order to organize excursions in the Alps and Patagonia in an autonomous, responsible and eco-solid way. 
  • DEMIC Music is a blockchain platform to promote international independent music and production. 
  • I-THEN International Technical Higher Education Network designed and founded by Fabio Manenti, has as its main objective the cooperation between European and non-EU Universities and Professional Institutes, and international public and private organizations, for the creation of a network for the joint development of international programs and activities of alternating school and work, as well as international spin-offs and projects of innovation and R&D.


  • Cámara de Comercio Italiana de Rosario
  • Cámara de Comercio Italiana de Chile
  • Città Mondo
  • Grupo Demix

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