The DEMIX FAIRS APP project, developped by our department DEMIX DIGITAL AGENCY, concerns the planning, development and promotion of an App designed for the management of the fair experience by the users, thanks to the collaboration with some national and international partners who are experts in the sector.

The App wants to be of concrete support to those who intend to participate in trade fair events, improving their experience and supporting them in all the activities connected to it. In particular, our goal is to create a virtual and personal hostess, who gives total support to the customer so that all his activity, inside and outside the fair can be managed through a single App. Furthermore We want to build customer loyalty through the commercial functions listed, also allowing them to purchase everything they need.

characteristics of DEMIX FAIRS APP

The focal points on which DEMIX FAIRS APP should be based are mainly three:

The first concerns the Mapping of the Fair

The idea is to replicate the layout of the stands in digital format, so as to have a map that faithfully represents them and allows for the creation of the path that the user wishes to follow. The path can also include the calculation of the minutes taken to move from one stand to another, as well as indicating to the user the flow of people present, so as to determine the right moment for the visit. The mapping functionality that we imagine also becomes important from a logistical point of view as we approach the Fair. In fact, once the internal route has been pre-set, the user will already be guided from the outside so that the “navigator” takes him to the most suitable Fiera entrance, also with indication of the suitable parking space. These functions allow an important optimization of times, as the classic navigators lead to the Fair area, but not to the pre-established entrance. Furthermore, it will also be valid for those who approach the Fair by public transport, as in addition to guiding them towards the entrance, it will allow them to purchase the subway or train ticket, also viewing the timetables for the latter.

second element PAVILION RESEARCH

As a second aspect, the mapping that we aim to create must allow a simple search for the pavilion in which you are interested (search both by denomination and by category) and then, once identified, it must be possible to switch to a 2D image, so as to be able to view nearby stands as well (a bit like the Google Street function). Clearly the mapping can be redesigned and adapted according to the Fair that will take place.

Ingresso Conferenza

third element STANDS VIRTUALI

A third focal element that we want to consider is an idea that could become an advantage not only for the user of the Fair but also for the Exhibitors and why not, for the owners of the Fair itself. The idea is to create Virtual Stands, which overlap with the real ones and which can be sold to exhibitors who don’t have the budget for a physical stand, who haven’t found a place, or who want to present their products in a different way. The user therefore benefits because he will have more choice, the exhibitors will have more communication channels, while the Fair will sell a greater number of spaces. The virtual stand opens up countless opportunities. Consider, for example, the possibility of creating virtual workshops that allow greater and faster interaction. Moreover, by doing so, the exhibitor could also receive feedback, regarding the goodness of his service / product, feedback more easily verifiable through a click and the analysis of the medium “virtual” permanence time.


These are the essential points around which we are building our technology. From here we could develop many other features and marketing strategies to improve the competitiveness and profitability of the App itself, such as:

  • Possibility of reserving a seat at the restaurant, but also of ordering directly from the bar / restaurant with delivery to the stand. In this case, taking care of the payments directly through the App, so that the restaurant only has to worry about the preparation of food or drinks;
  • Possibility to buy the Fair ticket directly online through the App;
  • Possibility to buy the parking ticket;
  • Possibility to book and pay for luggage storage;
  • Search engine for accommodation / hotels & airbnb so as to margin on the conclusion of the contract between the parties;
  • The possibility to book taxi and uber;
  • Agreements with clubs, discos, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, etc., events in the city hosting the fair and surroundings, with discounted prices for the fair customer and financial return for the App;
  • For certain international fairs, such as the Salone del Mobile in Milan, the possibility of using the App to also manage external activities, such as the Fuori Salone, from scheduling events to booking activities to be done.

For these latter aspects, we are evaluating sponsorship by some Municipalities of Northern Italy, including that of Milan. Furthermore, thanks to this institutional nature, the App could become a widespread tool for managing everything concerning a trade fair event.

If you are a trade fair organization and would like to explore this collaboration opportunity with us, contact us and we will be at your complete disposal for any further details.