DEMIX DRONE SOLUTIONS was created to revolutionize building facade maintenance by pioneering drone technology.

provides an unparalleled approach to facade cleaning and maintenance, reshaping the way buildings are cared for and delivering exceptional results on par with the work done by a human.

With state-of-the-art hardware, software and data analytics solutions, DEMIX DRONE SOLUTIONS provides comprehensive drone services that take operations to new levels. Technology and ‘experience ensure greater efficiency, accuracy and cost-effectiveness in agriculture, construction, surveying and resource management.

product benefits DEMIX DRONE SOLUTIONS

  • Increased efficiency: Drones are equipped with cutting-edge technology that enables them to navigate various environments with exceptional efficiency. With unparalleled precision control and advanced maneuverability, drones excel in a wide range of applications, ensuring optimal performance and results; be it aerial inspections, surveillance, deliveries or any other task.
  • Redefined safety standards: a new era of safety in building facade cleaning is born. Innovative drone solutions eliminate the need to put humans at risk with dangerous scaffolding or harnesses. By choosing DEMIX DRONE SOLUTIONS services, you will be able to prioritize safety without compromising the achievement of flawless results.
  • Commitment to Environmental Excellence: The environmental responsibility of DEMIX DRONE SOLUTIONS operations. Leveraging the power of drone technology reduces water consumption compared to traditional cleaning methods. Drones use targeted spraying techniques, optimizing water use and minimizing waste.
  • Uncompromising quality assurance: Drone solutions are carefully crafted to ensure unparalleled quality. Equipped with high-resolution cameras, drones facilitate comprehensive inspections, allowing us to identify specific areas that need attention. Whether removing dirt, improving safety measures or optimizing agricultural practices, drones deliver optimal results every time.
  • Cost-effective efficiency: Say goodbye to expensive and time-consuming maintenance routines. Drone services offer a cost-effective alternative that maximizes efficiency and minimizes expenses. By simplifying the process and optimizing resource utilization, we help you streamline your operations without compromising the desired results.


Demix Group has gained multi-year experience in the drone industry, also participating in the development of the CORB  project, in collaboration with a group of Franco-Israeli rice producers, with which we have designed a high-tech marine drone in the degree of mobility and travel. sull’ water in autonomous mode thanks to the installed GPS sensor.

We currently collaborate with Demix Drone Solutions, a pioneering engineering group based in the Middle East, which projects advanced technologies and services for drones, with which we aim to offer a wide range of cutting-edge solutions with the use of drones, at the same time. to perform conventional operations in various fields such as:

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Topography
  • Resource management

Cleaning Drone

Experience immaculate cleanliness from above with our cutting-edge cleaning drone.

CCTV Drone

Transforming the canvas of the sky with precision and artistry, the CCTV Drone brings imagination to life.

Delivery Drone

Delivering the future with swift precision, our fleet of autonomous delivery drones revolutionizes the way goods reach your doorstep

Safety Drone

Global Drone Solutions offers cutting-edge Firefighting Drone services, ensuring swift and efficient response to combat fires and protect lives and property.

Firefighting Drone

Global Drone Solutions offre servizi di droni antincendio all'avanguardia, garantendo una risposta rapida ed efficiente per combattere gli incendi e proteggere vite e proprietà.

Painting Drone

Experience the fusion of art and technology with our Painting Drone services, revolutionizing how masterpieces are created globally.

City and Border Monitoring Drone

City and border monitor drones ensure seamless surveillance and protection for urban areas and international boundaries.

Sport Drone

Unleash the adrenaline with sports drones, the ultimate thrill in the sky.

Lifeguarding Drone

Ensure the safety of beachgoers with cutting-edge lifeguard drones, poised to protect lives and provide swift assistance.

Video/Photo Drone

Capture breathtaking moments from a bird's-eye view with our cutting-edge video and photo drone services.

Water Spray & Agriculture Drone

Our water spray Drone revolutionizes firefighting, rescue; Agriculture Drone optimizes farming, elevates safety, efficiency.

Surveying Drone

Achieving new heights of efficiency and innovation, the soaring fleet of surviving drones revolutionizes the future of aerial technology.


Demix Group is evaluating collaborations with companies that produce High-Tech Flying Cars, an innovative vehicle under consideration is the XPENG X2.

For the first time, the X2 adopts an enclosed cockpit with a minimalist teardrop-shaped design and a science-fiction look that takes into account high-efficiency aerodynamics for maximum performance in flight. To reduce weight, the XPENG X2 has an all-carbon fibre structure. The XPENG X2 is a two-seat flying car that produces no carbon dioxide emissions during flight and represents a step forward in the quest for environmentally friendly urban transport. It will be suitable for future low-altitude urban flights and is perfect for short-distance urban travel, such as sightseeing and medical transport.

Several flight tests have already taken place, and it has even made its first official flight in Dubai!


If you would like to participate in this project or receive more information, please request an estimate on Demix InnoShop or contact us!