Fabio Manenti


Founder, President, Managing Director




Italian, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish


Management engineer


Born in Bergamo (Italy), he graduated in 1999 with full marks in Management Engineering at the University of Bergamo (Italy). He achieved excellent results in several specialization and post-graduation courses in the field of International Business & Management attended at prestigious Universities and International Institutes among which we mention the Diploma in “Ingenieria Informatica de gestión” at the Universidad de La Laguna in Spain, the Master in International Business as well as TOEIC and TOEFL at UC Berkeley and the Professional Master in Business Management at UC San Diego in California (USA), the DELF 1er and 2eme degré at the Université de Montpellier III and Perpignan in France and DAPLE at the Universidad de Lisboa in Portugal. California (USA), DELF 1er and 2eme degré at the Université de Montpellier III and Perpignan in France and DAPLE at the Universidade de Lisboa in Portugal, as well as a Master in Europlanning at the University of Bologna organized by Eurogiovani, with the aim of designing EU calls for proposals and supporting approved projects both in the coordination and dissemination phases.

Fabio Manenti is an established professional in the fields of International Marketing, Foreign Trade, Product & Project Management, Finance and Corporate Internationalization. He initially grew up in the family companies in the fashion and design sector Gabrielle and Gruppo Mabo Spa, and later in the automotive sector at prestigious companies such as Fonderie Guido Glisenti Spa and Gruppo Brembo Spa. He has been collaborating for over 20 years as manager and consultant with important international companies, among which we mention: Argal srl, Matest srl, Gooses’s Egg srl, Catalyst Marketing Inc. (USA), Xtenzo Sales & Marketing B.V. (NL), Isplora srl (ITA/USA), Azichem srl, Eco Casa srl and the Rete Riqualifica network, Tre B Trading and the HybridVan network, @Bi.Ci. srl, Focus Informatica, Cormedia srl, Seb Editrice SA (CH), W2W Solutions srl, CSC Serbatoi srl, Airea Tech srl, Umiles, CSF Development (FR), Como Concept, etc. He is also involved in the development and coaching of innovative start-ups and SMEs, business networks for internationalization and non-profit organizations and is accredited as a consultant “Expert in internationalization” and as a “Provider of services to support the start-up and relaunch of enterprises” at Regione Lombardia (Line 8 FRIM projects “Start up and Re Start”, Start up for the Expo, Network Manager, Lombardy Net Generation 2, Export Business Manager and Open Innovation), Unioncamere Lombardia and Promos Italia (Projects LET – Lombardy Export Trade, Bando Internazionalizzazione, Passaporto per l’Export, Esperto di internazionalizzazione per il quinquennio 2018-2022, SIT – Sportello Impresa in Trasformazione, Specialist assistance services to Start up and innovative SMEs, to Networks of Enterprises and companies in the Tourism Sector, as well as Vouchers for Internationalization and Business Development), Finlombarda Spa (Projects GATE – Give Ability to Export, RAID – Network for the Support of Enterprises in Difficulty, Expert in the evaluation of technical inquiries and Expert in technical evaluation of projects), Unione Confcommercio (“Manager expert in internationalization processes” and IMIT member) and Confindustria (expert in Enterprise Development and Internationalization), as Director of Economic Development, Export and Internationalization, Innovation, Research and University of Conflombardia, Tutor of the National Microcredit Agency in Rome, Innovation Manager of the Ministry of Economic Development and Euro-project designer accredited to the EUPF
European Register of Euro-projects Designers and Managers in Brussels and Amsterdam. For years he has also been involved as Project Manager in because of the development of international projects and activities in various countries around the world: from Europe to the Americas, from Africa to Asia, in some cases co-funded by public and/or private funds. From time to time he also collaborates with Universities and Training Companies including the Specialistic Assistance Desks, Formaper and NIBI (New Institute of International Business) of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, with Bergamo Sviluppo, ProBrixia, Servimpresa and the Chamber of Commerce of Bergamo, Brescia and Cremona, with Eupolis Lombardia (Higher Institute for Research, Statistics and Training of the Lombardy Region), ALCE Impresa (University of Genoa), Custodia srl and the ITS JobsAcademy foundation as a lecturer, speaker as well as head of the International Marketing Management and Marketing, Sales & Export Management courses.

Fabio is the founder of Demix International Consulting, Demix Innovation Lab, DIBA, DIPC and Demix Group and co-founder of the agricultural cooperative Ecomo International (Africa), of the Multicultural Associations Carica! and I Due Mondi (Latin America), of the associated professional firm Wic Group, of the innovative projects InnoWatch and AireaTech, of the web platforms GogoTravel, AlpsPlatform, Delizie dal Mondo and InnoShop, of the
associated professional studio Wic Group, the innovative projects InnoWatch and AireaTech, the web platforms GogoTravel, AlpsPlatform, Delizie dal Mondo and InnoShop, the Clusters Riqualifica, Hybridvan, MEDCO and IMC (Asia) and the international academic project I-THEN International Technical Higher Education Network.