Fabio Manenti


Founder, President, Managing Director




Italian, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish


Management engineer


Eng. Fabio Manenti graduated with honors in Management Engineering from the University of Bergamo, with further specialization in “Ingenieria Informatica de gestiòn” at the Universidad de La Laguna (Spain), successfully attended a postgraduate program in International Business & Management coordinated and funded by the University of Bergamo, earning a Master’s Degree in International Business and a Professional Master’s Degree in Business Management, as well as TOEIC and TOEFL Diplomas, at the prestigious UC San Diego and UC Berkeley (USA), the DELF Diplomas at the Université de Montpellier III and the Université de Perpignan (France) and DAPLE at the Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal), obtained a Master’s Degree in Europlanning at the University of Bologna organized by Eurogiovani, achieving accreditation as a “Europlanner” at the European Register EUPF in Brussels, and a course to qualify as a Microcredit Tutor at the Ente Nazionale Microcredito in Rome, which enabled registration in the National List of “Operators in non-financial services of assistance and monitoring for microcredit.” Fabio is the founder and manager of Demix Group’s Professional Studios, Demix International Consulting and Demix Innovation Lab, co-founder or incubator of the innovative projects InnoWatch, Riqualifica, Demix Sky Park, OpenLab, Corb, Barting, AireaTech, Enjoyfood, Demix Lifestyle Store, etc, in the fields of high-tech, energy redevelopment, digital marketing, artificial intelligence, boating, green and 4.0 technologies, fashion, agribusiness, cosmetics, etc., of the professional firm WIC Worldwide Italian Companies Group, the web platforms GoGo Travel, Demix InnoShop, Demic, Delizie dal Mondo, Demix Pro, AlpsPlatform, Demix Fairs App, etc, in the tourism – cultural, trade fair, music, professional networking, food, beverage, cosmetics & fashion and e-commerce market-place cross-border B2B sectors, etc., the Ecomo International Agricultural Cooperative (Ivory Coast), the Multicultural Associations Carica! and I Due Mondi (Latin America), the MEDCO Medioriental European Development Company (Middle East) and IMC Clubhouse (Far East) clusters, the I-THEN International Technical Higher Education International Academic Network co-funded by the Erasmus + program, etc.

Eng. Fabio Manenti initially grew up in the family companies in the fashion and design sector Gabrielle and Gruppo Mabo Spa, then in the automotive sector working in quality and international marketing at prestigious companies such as Fonderie Guido Glisenti Spa and Gruppo Brembo Spa, in the international consulting and business services sector working abroad in project & product marketing at companies Catalyst Marketing Inc. (USA) and Xtenzo Sales & Marketing B.V. (Netherlands), in the plant engineering sector working for the management and development of international markets at the companies Matest srl and Argal srl, and has gained extensive experience in Management as well as in Consulting and Services to companies in the fashion & design, tourism and culture, automotive, pumps, motors and industrial plants, O-rings and plastics, energy, e-mobility and engineering companies, food & beverage, cosmetics and raw materials, software and IT, High-tech products and Health Care, e-learning and training, communication and media, construction, Green economy and plant engineering, energy saving and redevelopment, building materials and real estate, ecology solutions and fittings, solutions for boating, agriculture and animal husbandry, B2B and B2C, GDO, Third Sector and “Fair Trade,” etc. Fabio works closely with companies by providing them with Management Consulting, Coaching, Mentorship and Temporary Management in different areas: general management, strategic and operational support, capital and financial strategies, public and private aid and financing also international “Europlanning”, quality control and especially Business Internationalization, International Marketing, Import & Export, Product & Project Management and Business Development mainly for planning and implementation of International projects, research & development activities, digitalization and innovation also 4. 0, market research, marketing campaigns, creation, training, development and coordination of Business Networks, Enterprise Networks, Cooperatives, Consortia, Joint-Ventures, new foreign operating headquarters, Start-ups and innovative domestic and international SMEs, organization of promotional campaigns, Events, B2B Missions, Fairs and Conventions, Communication and Customer Service activities, Public Relations including institutional ones, etc.

Eng. Fabio Manenti is an expert in “coaching services for business startup and revitalization pathways” announcement DD No. 9441/2013 and Decree No. 12569 of 20/12/2013 of Regione Lombardia, a “Temporary Network Manager” announcement DD No. 2444 of 27/03/2015 and Decree No. 6076 of July 17, 2015 and a supplier of Lombardy Region Net Generation 2, is included in the List of Innovation Managers of Unioncamere with provision of the General Secretary of Unioncamere n. 155 of 08/28/2023, with the n. 630 for the two-year period 2023-2024, Protocol No. 0021024/U of 08/29/2023 , is an “Internationalization Expert” for the two-year period 2018-2019, the three-year period 2020-2022 and the three-year period 2023-2025 by Unioncamere, Lombardia Point and Promos Italia Project Codes: 181A003-01 and 201T010-1 and Prot. No. 578 of 02/02/2018 and No. 1876 of 02/27/2020, and new Protocol 0010781/U of 12/2022, a Temporary Export Manager under the Projects GATE – Give Ability to Export of Finlombarda Spa, LET – Lombardy Export Trade, Passport to Export, Actions to Support the Internationalization of Businesses, Business Development and Bando Internazionalizzazione of Unioncamere Lombardia and the Lombardy Chambers of Commerce, accredited on 14/02/2018 as an “Expert Manager in Internationalization Processes” by the National Association IMIT – Italian Managers for International Trade of Unione ConfCommercio, and DEM Digital Export Manager under the Digital Export 2022 Call for Proposals, is an “Expert in Technical Appraisal” in the sectors: Biotechnology, Chemistry, Construction, Electronics, Plants, Information and Communication Technology, Mechanics, New Materials, Manufacturing Technologies and Industrial Processes, as well as an “Expert for technical evaluation of projects” in the Macro-areas: Enterprise Competitiveness and Enabling Industrial Technologies of Finlombarda Spa, for the period 2014-2018 with Prot. no. GP/9146 of September 15, 2014 and Prot. no. PP/1943 of 16/03/2016, renewed for the five-year period 2019-2023 with Prot. no. 7011/FB/FC/ia/lkn of November 19, 2018, is accredited to the “I4.0Service and Technology Providers List of the Digital Experience Center portal: www. of Unioncamere Lombardia and Punto Impresa Digitale, with Protocol No. 0002776 of 06/05/2022, as well as a qualified supplier for the Digital Voucher 2022 Calls, and supports the company Como Concept srls, specializing in cosmetics and wellness, as Business Development Manager under the ON – Oltre Nuove imprese a tasso zero incentive from Invitalia.

Fabio is also an “Expert in the field of First Orientation Assistances for aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses in the area on the topics of Innovative Start-Ups and SMEs, Innovation, Finance, Foreign Affairs and Business Networks” with determinations No. 30/2018 of 15/01/2018 and No. 50 of 2020, renewed for the three-year period 2023-2025, “Specialist for the assistance service for companies in the tourism sector” approved on 09/16/2016 with measure no. 807/2016 and on 02/08/2018 with measure no. 751/2018 at the CCIAA of Milan, MonzaBrianza and Lodi, Temporary Export Manager at the CCIAA of Mantua with determination no. 18 of 01/29/2016, Accredited Consultant, Tutor and Lecturer at Bergamo Sviluppo, Confindustria, CNA and the Bergamo CCIAA, as well as trainer at NIBI – New Institute of International Business with determination no. 10/2014, Project ID 14K4006000 and No. CIG Z970DD733, of Formaper with determination No. 99/2020 of 12/22/2020 and No. 15 of 12/03/2021 and Project ID L01421018N, included in the Formaper 2022 / 2023 Teachers / Consultants Register, of Eupolis Lombardia and the ITS JobsAcademy Foundation as Head and Teacher of the ITS and Bachelor’s degree courses in International Marketing Management (entirely in English and carried out mostly abroad) and Marketing Sales & Export Management.

Fabio has been the Director of Economic Development, Export and Internationalization, Innovation, Research and University of Conflombardia, is the Creator and Co-Founder, as well as initially Director and Project Manager of the I-THEN International Technical Higher Education Network project in the field of academic training, organization of internships and international business incubation, in partnership with Universities, Vocational Institutes, Chambers of Commerce, NGOs, European and non-EU innovative start-ups, funded by the EU program Erasmus + KA203 Strategic Partnerships and approved by the INDIRE Agency, is registered in the List of Innovation Managers established by the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy with directorial decree of 19 October 2023, within the scope of the service governed by the directorial decree of 13 June 2023, is an Innovation Manager of MISE – Ministry of Economic Development with a directorial decree of 06/11/2019, initially assigned to the innovative start-up Airea Tech srl, in the field of green plant engineering, a Tutor of the National Microcredit Authority in Rome since 2017, registered in the mandatory National List of “Operators in non-financial services of assistance and monitoring for microcredit” since 15/06/2021, a Partner of the Chamber consortium in the financial sphere Innexta and their new equity crowdfunding platform Finnexta, as well as Azimut Group and the innovative financial services platform Azimut Markeplace, a Europlanner accredited since 2012 with the EUPF – European Register of Euro-Projects Designers and Managers in Brussels and Amsterdam, a Mentor of the UNIMI Foundation and the University of Milan’s Seed4Innovation scouting program, and a Partner of the BeReadi Alps project implemented under the European Interreg Alpine Space program. Fabio is an expert in International Business & Marketing Management, his strong professional skills, his knowledge of world markets and new technologies in various sectors, and his technical, strategic and operational approach will allow him to provide a significant contribution to develop and achieve the goals of your Organization!