Advances in neuroscience and the study of decision-making processes offer new precise indications every day on what to say and do to act on decisions in the minds of clients. It also emerges that emotions are crucial in making choices. Today, however, the B2B viewer with social distancing is even prevented from the emotionality of personal interaction. But how can a figure become capable of emotionally selling an industrial product, such as a lathe in a line or a pump, to an OEM even via videoconference? Unlike common thinking, the most important emotionality is not that which manifests itself in interpersonal relationships and the course teaches how to sell and control the situation by interacting with minds and brains along all points of contact with all those involved in purchases.

Course professor:

Giovanni Manera

Why choose the course of
Neuro-Sales Techniques in B2B at the time of the covid

  • How can I introduce myself “coldly” via digital communication?
  • How can I tell on monitor if they are interested in me?
  • From what words do I understand that they are listening to me?
  • How can I excite those who are buying industrial goods via Zoom?
  • How do I know where the decision is?
  • How can I know if he is making the decision for me?
  • How can I overcome negative preconceptions?
  • Why doesn’t the customer see the obvious problems I see?
  • Why do they tell me we all sell the same things?
  • Why is everything urgent and then everything gets lost in the mists?
  • Why does he always pull prices?


How to make sure that a self-confident customer needs the seller to decide.

Introduction to the functioning of the brain in decisions.

How to use emotions even in the purchase of industrial goods.

How to differentiate ourselves, how to understand who to differentiate from.

What must a person have in his head to decide and what to say when something is missing.

How to understand where the decision is from what the customer says.

Words to say and not to say.

The stages of a purchasing process to know where the seller is.

How to advance the stages and not waste time.

How to create a useful sponsor.

The negotiation technique to please the customer and the seller.

What is a relationship and how it is built and developed.

How to present yourself cold and how to build an entry strategy.

Self-control and opportunity verification tools.


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