Spacca was born from the Italian tradition that has evolved into a never-before-seen product that combines tradition and innovation; Spacca guarantees a convenient meal and a unique and delicious dining experience. With its innovative dough, quality ingredients, and two sizes, Spacca is made especially to satisfy every palate.

Spacca is where fast food meets true Italian quality, giving birth to the first Italian fast casual food. Its proposal combines the convenience of a quick meal with the rich flavors of a 100% artisanal and made in Italy product. 

From offering specialty doughs to vegetarian and vegan options to their commitment to compostable packaging, Spacca is the modern, environmentally friendly dining experience.

Prodotto 2 spacca
Prodotto spacca

An Original IDEA

Spacca is a crispy flatbread that looks like a pizza but closes in the shape of a piadina to fill with flavor, available in a variety of flavors, land, sea, vegetarian and sweet. 

It represents a solution for lunch and dinner, but also for a tasty snack or brunch suitable for everyone, with a choice of classic, whole wheat and gluten-free dough certified by AIC (Italian Celiac Association) or with vegan and lactose-free products. In addition to the Spacca – which is not fried but baked – the menu includes a section dedicated to fried foods where appetizing sticks with speck and smoked provolone cheese and nuggets stand out, in addition to the ever-present French fries, ascolane olives, mozzarelline and croquettes.


The engineer Fabio Manenti, with the role of Innovation Manager and Coordinator of Research & Development activities and digitalization services and for I4.0 technologies, Demix International Consulting and Demix Lifestyle Store are working together with Spacca in planning an expansion project both national and international in franchising mode, including the provision of a package of services intended for Partners who already own a point of sale or who wish to open a new one together with us, enjoying a series of benefits, ranging from assistance in the selection and setting up the location, with particular attention to energy autonomy, from staff training to the planning of commercial and logistical marketing strategies, to the development of promotional activities and institutional communication both digital and offline, as well as financial support to facilitate the investment total.


  • Geomarketing analysis and specialized location selection assistance: we will guide you in discovering the perfect store, identifying the best strategic opportunities.
  • Advice on venue design, including the choice of furniture and necessary modifications: together we will create a unique and tailor-made Spacca, respecting the key principles of our format.
  • Equipment acquisition assistance: we will support you at every stage, from supplier management to choice of materials.
  • Centralized marketing management: leave it to us to generate new customers and increase the visibility of your Spacca, both online and locally.
  • Provision of coordinated graphics for signs, window decals and uniforms: we will recreate the authentic Spacca experience in every detail.
  • Professional training: we will equip you with all the skills you need to get your business off the ground from day one.
  • Launch marketing support: we will help you launch your Spacca in the best possible way.
  • Coaching during startup: we will provide you with all the support you need to start your business with confidence.
  • Assistance with staff recruitment and selection: we will help you choose a competent and motivated team that is crucial to the success of your Spacca.
  • Implementation of management software: we will provide you with a powerful tool for efficient management of your store.
  • Supply of the first batch of goods: ensuring that you have all Spacca products available from day one.


To better promote the upcoming opening of the Spacca store in Downtown Brescia, we are participating in the following initiatives in collaboration with Demix Group and Brescia UP:

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